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Hello, my name is Hong Phan and my nickname is Dolly. The origin of this name is the name of the first sheep cloned at the Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh, Scotland. With this name, Dolly hopes to duplicate many of the spiritual and human values ​​that are good for life, just like the values ​​of the Dolly sheep. Dolly is the founder of Beautiful Life – a project to develop products that serve the habits of human life : “Environmentally friendly products”. In addition, Dolly is also an art creation specialist, supporting the development of thinking and personal branding as well as recruiting brands for businesses.

I look forward to through my blog introducing to the world new perspectives on culture, cuisine, beauty and people in my homeland. Besides, there are also articles sharing about the viewpoint of human life in life shared directly from the very real life of oneself. Hopefully all the posts stored in my house can be of some help to everyone who visits.

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The blog is a mix cuisines, culture, top places…that is extremely nice things in Vietnam. Find out more about Vietnam!



Hello, i am Hong Dolly. I bring everything wonderful from Vietnam.

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